In accordance with the Central Parties’ policy of education reform in China, an increasing emphasis is being placed on English instruction at every level in schools throughout the country. As a result, there is a large requirement for overseas teachers to help schools provide quality instruction.

To meet this demand, the China Institute of Educational International Exchange (CIEI) has partnered with RHT Education (RHT) in providing a government approved and supported teacher placement program with full management services designed for newly-graduated overseas teachers.

About us

CIEI is a unit of the Chinese Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) under the direction of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is responsible for conducting international educational exchanges and cooperation. RHT is China’s leading provider of international educational programs.

CIEI and RHT operate programs with North America, the UK, Australia, and mainland Europe, focusing on professional placements and high-end support services.

The Program

The ‘Newly-Qualified Teacher Program’ brings recent teaching graduates to China and provides them with a secure platform from which to gain international teaching experience. The program includes;

Contracts and placements with approved elementary, middle and high schools
Nationally accredited, internationally recognised TESOL training certificate prior to placement
Accommodation and lifestyle support services
Fully provided curriculum and periodic professional development sessions
Structured teaching team with senior mentors

The program itself is divided into three phases, all administered by CIEI and RHT.

Phase 1- Recruitment (January to May)

The recruitment phase focuses on each candidate’s suitability. A series of interviews will assess the candidate’s abilities and gauge which positions would be most suitable.

Phase 2- Preparation (June to August)

The recruitment phase focuses on each candidate’s suitability. A series of interviews will assess the candidate’s abilities and gauge which positions would be most suitable.

Visa process
Teachers will be provided with all the required visa documentation and instructions. After the visa has been approved and all pre-departure checks have been completed, the teacher will be ready to fly to China.
TESOL certification
A requirement of the teaching Work Permit is the completion of a nationally accredited TESOL certificate. To best use the available time, this course will be partially delivered online prior to departure from the teacher’s home country and completed in China. The training is provided by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the certification is recognised globally. Those already holding a recognized TESOL/TEFL qualification can apply for dispensation.
• On arrival in China teachers will be greeted at the airport and taken to the training centre. There they will receive training and orientation. This comprehensively details the program’s mechanisms and includes advice on living in China, some survival Chinese, and an overview of the courses they will be teaching.

Phase 3- Teaching (Commence 1st September)

After the orientation teachers will be placed in their schools. Teachers will deliver no more than twenty hours a week, and as part of the project CIEI and RHT provide mentoring workshops and personal development training for all teachers.

The mentoring sessions take place every two weeks and each ‘cell’ comprises of six newly-qualified teachers and one senior teacher. Teachers share their experiences, receive advice from the senior teachers and plan their next teaching phase. Although there is a focus on professional development the sessions provide a support network.

Larger scale events are held periodically where a multitude of ‘cells’ from around a city/province will congregate to learn new skills from experienced lecturers. These are often combined with a cultural event such as Chinese New Year or Christmas.

Placements usually are for two years with the option to renew available; however shorter placements are available as well.


The Newly-Qualified Teacher Program has been designed to maximise the benefits for its participants. Here are just a few:

Add international work experience to your resume
Experience your vocation through a new lens.
Get paid well to live, travel and work in China.
Get paid well to live, travel and work in China.
Become part of an international working community.
Graduate programs seek applicants with ‘real world experience’.
Learn Chinese language and about authentic China.
Contribute as a philanthropist by improving students’ English skills.
Increase your independence with a built-in safety net.

Aside from career benefits, teachers can travel extensively both in China and Asia during the lengthy teaching breaks throughout the year. Flights and tours can be arranged through CIEI and RHT to ensure that participant’s experience all of the many attractions in China safely and securely.


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