In a world where industry demands workers with ever-increasing transitional skills and at a time where vocational education colleges are in constant revolution against community trends that favor academic pathways, RHT Education has developed a range of projects that provide solutions through international collaboration for education and industry together to reinvigorate community confidence.

RHT Education, in cooperation with the Ministry of Vocational and Adult Education, has a China-wide reach across the full range of industry sectors. Our solutions are founded on the premise that education and industry must jointly develop programs that will allow seamless transitions for aspiring employees from the classroom to the workplace.

In China, not unlike many other countries, vocational education has become compartmentalized. RHT Education breaks through those boundaries and offers a diverse range of opportunities for students to progress through the vocational system as industry-ready job candidates with pathways to academic streams either directly or through further education.

“By attending a workshop on hotel management with an actual 5 star hotel, I realised just how different the ‘real world’ is from the classroom. I began to see that every customer had different requirements and until I got the hands on experience this course offered, I would never be able to improve. I cannot recommend this enough to those who are serious about progressing.”
Julia N, USA.

We welcome prospective partners from around the world to participate in our projects. RHT Education can seek out suitable Chinese partners, facilitate approaches to government and offer inclusion into existing projects.

RHT education’s vocational education and training programs focus on a range of subjects as identified by the combined Chinese colleges reform committee and include:

Professional development for leaders and instructors
Maintaining ‘currency’ in both theoretical and practical curriculum
Linking coursework with industry needs
Providing identifiable certification with global standards
Delivering joint diploma courses