In response requests from the Chinese community, the Engage with China team has developed three Summer Camp programs for Chinese students in their long break of 2018. Each camp is unique and will be held over a two week period between the 14th of July and the 12th of August, 2018.

Chinese parents and students alike have turned their attention to extra-curricular activities that focus on enhancing academic skills outside of but supplementary to the Chinese national curriculum. Central to their needs is communicative English language training and project-based learning delivered in an environment that has a measure of ‘fun’ included.

About our partners

RHT Education has partnered with a number of well-respected education providers to ensure that the camps are delivered in creative and attractive manner using international best practices.

Our partners in 2018 are:


Stanford University providing two subjects in a specialist program from their Honors Academy, namely Creative Writing and Biochemistry. Students who participate successfully in this program will be invited to attend Stanford’s 2019 summer program in the USA.

o University of Minnesota has taken the lead role in developing the STEAM program’s curriculum and will lead an international consortium of universities and teachers through these camps.

o North Carolina State University has taken a similar role in developing the Youth Leadership and Environmental Science program’s curriculum and will lead an international consortium of universities and teachers through those camps.

Florida Atlantic University will provide instructional staff in both the STEAM and Youth Leadership programs.

Tennessee Technical University will also provide instructional staff across the camps.


The Sky City Education Group, a division of Broad Ltd one of China’s mega companies and a world leader in environmental protection, will be the host for the programs held in Changsha (Hunan Province).

The Yancheng School Group, one of Jiangsu Province’s most prestigious regional schools and a designated STEM site by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. They will host the Jiangsu STEAM camp.

Nanjing #1 Primary School, Nanjing (Jiangsu Province) will host the Jiangsu Youth Leadership Camp. As its name suggests, Nanjing #1 is the leading primary school in the provincial capital.

The Camps

Participation in the camps is based on each student’s suitability to participate. Prospective students will be screened prior to enrolment and places are limited.

Our partners in 2018 are:


Stanford Honor Academy: Changsha 2 x classes of 24, Yancheng 2 x classes of 24

Youth Leadership: Changsha 5 x classes of 20, Nanjing 5 x classes of 20

STEAM: Changsha 5 x classes of 25, Yancheng 5 x classes of 25


Each camp is live-in, user-pays

Accommodation for students is gender-specific dormitories

All meals and learning materials are provided

Excursions are included

Instructional model

Each class will have 2 visiting and 2 bilingual Chinese teachers

Curriculum and activities are all delivered in English

Duration is 14 days including 12 student contact days


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