It seems a bit of an anomaly to come all the way to China, take-up a job placement and then be expected to go back to class as well. There are so many things to see, adventures to be had and people to meet. RHT Education understands those thoughts and ensures that every participant in our programs is able to turn a temptation into an opportunity and a distraction into an experience.

Coming to China is as much about seeking knowledge as it is about gaining valuable work experience. Our courses are divided into three categories:


Every RHT Education intern will participate in our own Orientation program. During orientation you will be advises how the entire program fits together; working, living and studying.

Similarly, each participant will have as a part of their imbedded study-routine, Core Courses delivered by your chosen university. These Core Courses cover Chinese business etiquette, Policies and Safety in the Chinese Workplace plus Chinese History and Culture. There are twenty (20) hours of tuition per month in the combined program which could be delivered in on block or part-time over the duration of your placement. The core courses may be combined with the elective courses.

By the end of these courses you will be armed with the essential knowledge to confidently take your place in Chinese industry and to actively engage with its community.


In agreement with our partner companies, colleges and universities and in accordance with the visa requirements of some placements, RHT Education has organized a range of introductory and project-based courses covering every industry position that we offer.

The curriculum in which these elective courses have been embedded has been approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education as suitable to underpin the placements of each internship. Each course is related to your chosen major and the specific focus of your placement. There are twenty (20) hours of tuition per month in the combined program which could be delivered in on block or part-time over the duration of your placement. The elective courses must be combined with the core courses.

By the end of your program you will have a neat addition to your resume that will include work placement and study certificates.


In recognition of the ever-increasing demand from industry world-wide for competent speakers of standard Chinese, RHT Education has partnered with some of China’s leading universities to meet this demand.

Whatever your current level of Chinese, there is a course for you. With options of beginner, intermediate, advanced, survival, industry-specific and even tutoring on specific language skill-sets, RHT Education and our partners want to value-add to your China experience.

Should you wish to add a Chinese language course to your industry placement program, RHT Education has alerted all of our host companies of this possibility and they have agreed to provide the necessary time away from work for you to undertake this study commitment. At the end of your program, you could be leaving China with the full package of work experience, job contacts, friends and Chinese language.