Each division of RHT Education is focused on providing you with
a full-service package that will maximize your China experience.

RHT Education is a company built on the belief of two like-minded ex-Chinese government officials that there is a need to bridge the gap between education and industry. They are Sun Haiming, President of RHT Education and ex-director of the National Ministry of Education, and Rob Cochrane, Vice President of RHT Education and ex-COO of the Department of International Relations of JESIE, the facilitation unit of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education. They bring 35 years and 30 years of education management experience respectively to the company. Their key areas of expertise are: continued globalization of education through international collaborative projects and the development of best practice job-readiness programs linking China and the rest of the world.

RHT Education has an extensive global network that includes universities, government and non-government organizations, schools, vocational colleges, associations and corporations. Our competitive advantage is in the long history of service provision to these organizations linked with a wide range of Chinese corporations across a diverse group of industries. Our projects include internships, various length study in China courses, pre-sessional preparatory programs, career counselling, twinning projects between schools and colleges, global special interest extra-curricular courses, student management services and educational event facilitation.