RHT Education is a key facilitator in the continued progress of vocational education reform in China. Our involvement is through the provision of services to assist Chinese colleges and enterprises in China streamline pathways between each other. Our services include:


RHT Education conducts on-going in-depth research of the needs of the various sectors that contribute to vocational education in China.

Chinese government
Chinese colleges, universities and private training providers
Chinese and multi-national enterprises
Monitoring global trends
Overseas colleges and universities


Using it global network, RHT Education develops and facilitates partnership models designed to meet the specific needs of vocational education in China. These partnerships include:


College systems
Individual colleges and universities
Government departments of education
International consortia


International Chambers of Commerce
Government departments of trade and industry
Chinese business associations
Individual Chinese and multi-national companies


Strategically aligning the interests of our various partners, RHT Education develops and facilitates a range of programs including:

Professional development
Creating global standards
Delivery of dual diplomas
Theme-based study tours
Faculty exchanges
Articulation pathways
Education/industry dialogue