RHT Education works with colleges and universities from around the world, uniting them and their Chinese counterparts in order to give their students and faculty the best opportunities to enrich themselves through globalization in their chosen fields.

Key components of RHT Education’s work in the vocational education field are:

Peer-to-peer learning opportunities
Multinational programs
Real life experiences
Linking education with industry
Creating innovation communities

China has so much to offer to the inquiring mind, especially in the competitive world of careers. Many companies are seeking job candidates with: China experience, Chinese language, an understanding of Chinese business practices or a combination of all these and more.

Examples of what RHT Education does in the vocational education field are as follows:

College collaborations

Vocational education reform is not just a hot topic in China, it is a key component of the current national leadership's policy. In some ways it’s an old ‘chestnut’ but the enormity of the project in re-vitalizing the community into recognizing the value of a vocational career pathway and the pure scope of what is required to bring the whole Chinese system up to contemporary world recognized standards creates a huge challenge. RHT Education has focused its collaborative projects on a range of areas including:

Professional development for leadership and instructors

RHT Education is seeking partners to deliver long-term, certificated programs focusing on the key areas of instructional and education management. These are the most needed vocational education requirements identified by the Chinese colleges alliance. These programs are delivered in China and for those participants who demonstrate higher proficiency further training abroad is offered.

Global standards

A key push-back from multinationals in China towards employing vocational college graduates has been the lack of global recognition for their Chinese qualifications. RHT Education is actively pursuing, in partnership with overseas colleges, a range of certificate and diploma courses to be delivered in China to meet global standards. These programs are being designed to be delivered by Chinese instructors, overseas instructors or a combination of both in dual programs.

Career focused

College bound high school students can undertake exploratory programs where they will visit Chinese colleges and industry to get their first glimpse at what China may have to offer them career-wise. They will meet Chinese students, visit Chinese colleges and be introduced to world-leading Chinese enterprises.


In course, project-based opportunities are a popular motivation for all students and for those in China it’s no different. RHT Education matches students from around the world with students of a common interest in China to work on collaborative projects. From the Arts to Engineering, from Cooking to Computing, there is something for everyone. Pre-program challenges, TedX discussions and peer networking all with the backdrop of the world’s most vibrant economy can be a life-changing experience.